Notes on Improving Eye Sight (myopia)

  • Eye sight can be trained like your muscles, use weights that are just heavy enough.
  • When doing the up-close work, hold the position between where you can read and too blurry.
  • If eyes are strained, rest a few days.
  • Train the worse eye separately first, until both eyes are even (or at least almost even). It’s normal to have a dominant eye.
  • You can stop wearing glasses all together as well (ie. for distance and up close), but that’s not really practical.
  • When your correction is less than -2.00 D, try plus lenses (inverse of minus, try cheap reading glasses) for up-close work.
  • Try staying at the distance where it’s almost too blurry to read, for 20-30 minutes and then after that time, see how much you have improved.
  • Get outside every day (at least 30 min), eyes need blue light to prevent myopia.
  • Take a break every 60min when reading/working up close (ie. working on computer, watching tv, phone). Look outside, further away, let eyes rest by not focusing on anything.
  • 10min per day focus on something very far away.
  • Smooth pursuit tracking, watch birds, watch moving objects.
  • Gradually lower the lens diopters from your glasses, in steps of 0.5, starting with the weaker eye. When both eyes are (almost) even (ie. diopters are the same), lower them at the same time.

Starting out: Buy the weaker glasses first, then start doing the print-pushing exercises (ie. the up-close stuff).