A web engineer with a passion for distributed & local-first tech.

Work history

I started out in 2011 as a full-stack web dev at a company called Mr. Henry where I implemented various unique and special web designs, ranging from eccentric artistic websites to generating typefaces in a HTML canvas. They had a custom CMS behind these websites written in Ruby, which is one of the first programming languages that I really liked. Also did some Go and PHP there, and a lot of JS.

Several years later I ended up working remotely full-time for MetaLab, a product design and development studio based in Canada. There I started working mostly on web applications, learning a lot about user interfaces and user experience design. During this time I also learned a bunch of new programming languages, such as Elixir, Elm and Haskell.

During all this time I worked on a side project which would eventually get me into Fission, my third job, where I worked with new protocols to help establish a local-first & distributed/decentralised web with more user agency. This taught me a lot about cryptography, security and the various protocols that make up the web.